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Our collaboration with Ice House Comedy was a testament to our meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to enhancing the venue's ambiance. The completion of the bench seating installation was a careful endeavor, ensuring both comfort and visual appeal for patrons. 

In the VIP room, our expertise extended to crafting lighting soffits that not only illuminate the space effectively but also add an artistic dimension. The design of these soffits was a thoughtful process, taking into account the room's layout and the desired mood to create an inviting and dynamic atmosphere.

Stage No. 1 received a thoughtful upgrade as well, with the installation of four carefully selected lighting fixtures. Our team considered the stage's dimensions, the performers' needs, and the desired visual impact to ensure these fixtures enhance the overall stage presence and contribute to the overall energy of the performances.


Our team harnessed their creativity and technical prowess to design and construct a bar area that not only serves its practical purpose but also adds an artistic flair to the space. The customized bar soffit, a testament to our dedication to tailor-made solutions, seamlessly blended into the design, enhancing the aesthetic appeal.


Our team's expertise in managing this project extended beyond mere installation, encompassing a deep understanding of how lighting influences the overall atmosphere and functionality of the space. We took special care to select lighting elements that aligned seamlessly with Chipotle's corporate identity, creating an environment that is both inviting and functional.

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Completed the installation and fabrication of the front lobby for Hilton Hotel, including moldings, casings, and the design of custom barn doors and bar.



From the precision of every cut and joint, our dedication to quality was unwavering. The result was a set of components that not only met the designer's specifications but also exceeded expectations in terms of craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Our partnership with the designer was a dynamic fusion of creativity and expertise, aimed at crafting a walk-in closet that would transcend the ordinary. 

Together, we mapped out every aspect of the closet's design, ensuring that it catered to the client's specific needs while radiating a unique charm. The designer's keen eye for aesthetics and our technical proficiency harmoniously converged, resulting in a design that was not only visually appealing but also ingeniously optimized for organization and storage.


Skillfully fashioned a custom built-in bookcase, enhancing both the practicality of the designer's endeavor and establishing an enchanting centerpiece that harmoniously melded with the overarching design style. Our commitment to exactitude and creative expertise guaranteed that the bookcase not only realized the designer's concept but surpassed anticipations in both its visual appeal and utility.



Collaborated with choreographers Mandy and Elizabeth to design, engineer, and create/fabricate this set prop for the show, achieving a harmonious fusion of artistic vision and technical expertise that added an enchanting dimension to the performance space.


Meticulously developed, engineered, and manufactured an advanced industrial machine designed to efficiently extract organic oil from a variety of products, delivering optimal results for our clients' diverse extraction needs.



Conceived, planned, and fashioned unique display fixtures that flawlessly presented the exceptional pieces within her highly anticipated U.S. handbag collection. Our fixtures not only enhanced the visual allure of the launch but also created an engaging and captivating encounter for her sophisticated clientele, making a lasting impression during the grand unveiling event.



Skillfully crafted and meticulously designed, we have created personalized and unique solutions to perfectly cater to the needs of our cherished client's outdoor kitchen. Our dedicated team of experts ensured that every detail was thoughtfully considered, resulting in a space that seamlessly blends functionality, aesthetics, and the joy of outdoor cooking.


Skillfully Designed and Crafted a Tailored Nike Cabinet. Ideal for Nike Enthusiasts of All Ages, from Kids to Adults. It's not just a piece of furniture; it's a statement of devotion to a brand that has become a cultural icon.


Teamed up with a designer to envision the stage set element for global pop stars tour, expertly crafting and bringing the masterpiece to life.  We  sculpted and constructed this creation that dazzled audiences around the world.


Created and constructed custom office fixtures within a dental practice setting.

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